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Mental health beheading Jackson Hts., New York, October 21, 2014 – A small Queens mental health facility with which I’m associated today took a step toward rescuing the domain name from an unknown future. The organization had submitted an application for the name during .nyc’s Landrush and shortly thereafter received an email stating that more than one application for the name had been received; and that a high-bid auction would be held to decide which applicant would be awarded the development rights.

Today I watched as an account with the auctioneer,, was opened and we discussed how much we should be prepared to bid. Every minute there, focusing on an auction rather than our patients, seemed corrupt or dirty in some way.

Afterward I thought about ways we might garner the funds win the auction. I first checked out, but found there was insufficient time. However, we had the opportunity to create a One Today project: Go there and give a buck.

NOTE: The auction began Tuesday the 28th and ends at 3:15 PM on Halloween. There’s no trick, just give a treat.

Also, Resolution Hall is still open but spooooooookerly empty.


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