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Jackson Hts., New York, October 6, 2014 – The Landrush for .nyc domain names ended at 11 AM this past Friday. A neighborhood not-for-profit mental health organization submitted an application for the domain name. Its intent was to provide general guidance on issues, treatments, and resources that might affect the mental health of city residents.

On Saturday afternoon the organization was notified that, since more than one applicant had applied for the, that it would soon be informed about a closed, high-bid auction to determine the “winner.” Being a “closed” auction means that the organization will not be privy to contacting the other entities that have bid for the name.

The closed nature of the auction seems contrary to the public interest. Wouldn’t it be better if the interested parties could discuss and discern which of them is best qualified for the task? Maybe a collaborative effort could be arranged with shared development costs. Or perhaps one party might forgo the name in deference to a superior plan.

But none of this is possible under a closed auction. Until now.

Who else is interested in If your organization has also applied, please contact [email protected] and we’ll establish a connection between the interested parties.


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  1. Art  October 7, 2014

    The risk is that people will want that name, the closer it is to dictionary definition the more likely there will be multiple takers. I am assuming this non for profit doesn’t have trademark to mental health words, since its so generic its impossible to trader mark it. I also assuming this non for profit has their business name that is not called “mental health” . Hence they want a better domain name that everyone in that field want.
    I personally almost sure that no one in comedy or other field would think of mental health domain, hence i am assuming until proven wrong that it is likely another business that deals with mental health.
    And if its domainer, it should be easy to shake them off with even small enough amount at auction.
    If they get something a bit less generic like mental health center for example, they will get it at registration fee and no auction.

  2. Art  October 7, 2014

    Possibly, but its also extremely generic. The best use for it might be in a hospital and not non for profit.
    All i am saying that they are going for a really nice domain thats very generic, and with that comes risks.

    • Thomas Lowenhaupt  October 7, 2014


      When you say “a really nice domain thats very generic, and with that comes risks.” can you explain the risks.



  3. Thomas Lowenhaupt  October 7, 2014


    One might consider that a bidder could have a non public interest use in mind for, for example, it might be a good name for a comedy club or for marketing a magic elixir of some sort. So there’s no guarantee that the name will be used for what I’d consider its highest valued use.


  4. Art  October 7, 2014

    Please post this post in comments, my last one didnt show up.

    Ok, going with that logic . Mental Health is extremely generic, it encompasses million uses. That organization could have gotten Mental Health, but they went for the best generic name. Is there a surprise that they got competition?

    Disclaimer, i am not the applicant nor have any interest in the domain name, just find it amusing that they went for THE Best Name in field, and then find it surprising that they didnt get it. On bright side, it probably some domainer, so just tell them to prepare 1k. And i am sure , domainer will pill off after few hundred if that. Since Mental Health is a bit too generic of a name to really have staying power for somebody looking to re sell it.


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