Inc. is a New York State not-for-profit corporation empowered to receive donations through its registration with the New York State Charities Bureau. Also, the corporation has tax exemption status under the Internal Revenue Service’s section 501(c)(3). Donations should be tax deductible to those filing tax returns in the Unites States.

Donation Options

  • PayPal – We accept PayPal and most credit cards.


  • Bitcoin – We accept Bitcoin donations. (NOTE TO TECHIES: We’re looking for assistance using Bitcoin for blockchain initiatives. We’ve appreciate a financial contribution, but would love your assistance developing trust by using the blockchain.)

Donate Bitcoins

  • Check – Checks and other instruments should be made payable to Inc. and mailed to 35-35 75th Street, Apt. 527, Jackson Hts., New York 11372

Where does the money go?

Our 2014 expenditures were under 20K. While the vast majority of our work is performed by volunteers, we have recurring out of pocket costs for our digital resources: hosting, communication, code writing, publishing… And when necessary, we attend ICANN and other Internet governance conferences. These incur substantial travel related expenses.

While our needs are modest, a contribution of any amount will be helpful.  If we had more we could do more.