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Note: Resolution Hall was created to deal with an imperfection with the allocation process for .nyc domain names. It received little attention and might be considered a wasted effort. However, with the city’s Landrush process having ended, we decided to leave this page as an aide for other cities that might find themselves in the same bind.

 Are there any more bids?  Going once…  Going twice….

In instances where more than one applicant submitted a request for a particular .nyc domain name during Landrush, the official protocol calls for a high-bid auction to decide between the applicants. Many think auctions should be the last resort and suggest the following options should made available to the applicants:

  • An opportunity for private discussion and negotiations
  • An opportunity to decide on simple coin toss or lottery to determine a winner
  • Formal mediation and
  • Arbitration

The established Landrush procedures do not provide the opportunity for applicants to connect with one another and avail themselves of these options. To facilitate applicant connections we’re creating a Resolution Hall, a digital space where applicants can find one another and explore their options.

Should applicants not come to agreement, the auction will settle things. Auctions are set to begin October 23.

Resolution HallHow it works…

We’ve created a digital Resolution Hall where a posting sheet will enable applicants for public interest domain names to locate one another. ( Inc. will determine if a domain name will serve the public interest.) Here’s how it works.

  • If you think you might be interested in discussing “YOUR” .nyc domain name with other applicants for the name, click over to Resolution Hall and take a look around.
  • Upon arrival READ THE WARNINGS there carefully. Be aware that you might encounter chicanery and sleaziness. If you suspect or experience foul play, please let us know immediately via [email protected]
  • If you decide that you’d like to connect with other applicants for your desired domain name, and you’re the first to arrive in Resolution Hall, complete a line of info about the name: enter the name, contact info, and any comments about your hopes and expectations. If you’re leery about posting your contact info publicly, you may email us at [email protected] and we’ll endeavor to connect you with fellow applicants.
  • If you are able to connect with another applicant, discuss how you might work with the other party.
  • Remember, if you don’t conclude an arrangement by the auction dates (as indicated in Resolution Hall) the auction will force a winner.

How to make it work for you…

Getting people to this explanatory page and to Resolution Hall will require some luck and some effort. For our part we’re spreading the word via this post, Twitter, FB and the like. You might do the same. We also suggest that you try one or more of the following:

  • If you belong to an association or trade group that is engaged with the name, request that it post notice about Resolution Hall via their mailing lists, newsletters, social media and other channels.
  • Your personal or organization mailing lists should be utilized as well.

handshakeNarrowing The Field

One of the challenges of Resolution Hall is determining a way to slim the field. We mentions possible means of reaching agreement above – discussion, negotiation, lottery, mediation, and arbitration. Once you have reached an agreement, professional legal advise should be consulted. To end the auction one of the applicants should notify the auctioneer that they are dropping out of the auction. Once the field of applicants is reduced to one, the name will be issued by the contractor. However, should two parties reach agreement and notify the contractor that one party has decided to drop out of the auction, and the name is not then assigned, this means that another applicant(s) remains. In this instance the collaborating parties might consider pooling their resources for the auction.

The Impact

In 9,400 instances during Landrush, domain name applications were submitted by only one party and issued shorty after its conclusion. About 1,000 names had multiple applicants. And if the standard protocol is followed, 1,000 auctions determine who gets the names.

The success of Resolution Hall might alter the flow of money in a small way. As currently imagined, revenue from these 1,000 auctions is to be shared, 60% for the contractor and 40% for city government. Neither of them will be delighted upon first consideration of this alternative. But for the city it demonstrates support for the public interest. And for the contractor it provides an opportunity to demonstrate its community awareness – its contract is up in two years. Most importantly, for the applicants, it allows investing their resources into public interest endeavors rather than auctions.

Enter Resolution Hall

Auction Fund

Should Resolution Hall fail to achieve its goal, we’d like to set up a fund to win the auction for Please use the Donate button to contribute. (Note: As of noon Friday the Donate was down. Please come back soon.)