Inc. is in a transition, from a focus on the .nyc TLD to sharing our knowledge of city-TLDs and governance systems with cities globally.  Supporting this transition the United Nations granted us Special Consultative Status in 2015 – we’re an NGO. See this initial announcement.

While we’re planning that more global future, we’re keeping an eye on the .nyc TLD, particularly the neighborhood domain names, and especially . Here are some resources and recommendations in support of that initiative.

  • City Hall is moving ahead with the dotNeighborhoods and we’ve put together a guide for those considering applying for a neighborhood domain name, Adding Internet Mojo To Neighborhoods, see it here. And see our draft application for the domain here.
  • A name distribution plan for Premium Domain Names (3,069 names such as,, and that provides opportunities for local firms is still an option. Read this then call 311 and leave a message suggesting city hall step in and create opportunities for entrepreneurs and the mom and pops.
  • Creation of a city oriented search engine with transparent rules has not progressed. But there are an increasing number of .nyc websites worthy of a visit – see here.