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Jackson Hts., New York, October 31, 2014 – After all the hullabaloo – creating Resolution Hall, the One Today campaign, etc. – the Landrush auction for ended today with a $10 winning bid. It was a surprising delight. And the name will now be used as a public interest resource. We’ll keep you posted.

But we  need to make an adjustment to our $1,000 goal for the One Today campaign. We’ve already raised more than the $10 needed to win the auction, and the campaign is set to end November 27. What to do? The One Today rules don’t allow any changes. We can either end the campaign, or we can let it proceed and donate any excess funds to QCNI, the not-for-profit that will be developing the site. That seems like a reasonable course, and if no one persuades us otherwise, is the  path we’ll follow. (For the curious, we received $12 as of November 7.)


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