Bloomberg BNA reviews our “City-TLD Landrush Models” post

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Jackson Hts., New York, September 24, 2014 – Writing Money Talks in the Big Apple in Bloomberg BNA, Thomas O’Toole reviewed the our City-TLD Landrush Models post. While I agree with much of Thomas’ review, I added these comments:

First, if the city chose a business-friendly approach like they’ve developed for the .london TLD, a lot of the anticipated auctions could be avoided. (If we followed the London model, the owner of Rickys Cafe would upload his city business license to establish his right to the name. If another bidder was unable to match it, good old Ricky gets the domain name.)

Far more important is what the city’s squatter-friendly name allocation processes do to the prospect for an intuitive city. That is, if residents are unable to type in traditional busi

ness, street, project, event, school, civic, building, and media names, one of the key city-friendly features of our TLD will be lost. And we’ll remain dependent on search engines to find the Internet address of the diner across the street.


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