We all love our doggies and want to make their lives a little more pleasant.  And part of their everyday lives is a name. We carefully choose that name and they come to recognize and respond to it. Well, here’s your chance to grab a unique .nyc name, a “Dognet name” for your pouch.

If you’ve an idea for a domain name for your dog, let us know. Send it to [email protected], log on to our wiki where you’ll find 100+ pages of plans and opportunities about dogs and everything else in New York City, or just fill in the box below. Provide a comment on how we might create a better city for our dogs.

Suggest a domain name:

Here are a few “dog names ” people might use. Note the use of the dog.nyc suffix. You will be able to purchase a second level name,  e.g. fido.nyc, but you will get a free one with your city dog license.

  • pooche.dog.nyc
  • fidough.dog.nyc
  • pizza.dog.nyc
  • astoria.dog.nyc
  • cityboy.dog.nyc

As more submissions arrive, we’ll share them with you.

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of domain names, see our Domain Name Allocation Plan on our wiki.