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SEO Logos imagesJackson Hts., New York, June 8, 2015 – Imagine if Google gave preference in its search results to websites using .nyc domain names. So that whenever someone looked to buy bananas, batteries, beefsteak, bikes, boats, booze, bras, broaches, or whatever – if a website using a .nyc domain name was selling it, and other things being equal, the .nyc site would show higher on Google’s search results page. Cowabunga!

That would be a giant boon to the city’s businesses and economy. A mad rush to get .nyc domain names would follow, by speculators and by existing businesses looking to convert from their .com’s to the new hot TLD.

On Tuesday evening, June 9, 6:15 PM, the .NYC Domain Meetup (see details) is to examine “” and the sterling placement it receives from Google search. Depending on the precise search, shows up 3rd or 4th in Google’s listings; a remarkable result considering it was only activated several weeks ago. Art Mal, its owner and the organizer of the .NYC Domains, will explain how he achieved these results. We’re all hoping one factor is a change to Google’s search algorithm, that perhaps they’ve given preference for .nyc sites in response to our strict nexus and other policies.

With few souvenirs available for sale on the site, we suspect that Art’s a SEO wizard, but… we’ve long advised that one reason a city should consider operating a TLD is the boost a trusted TLD can have on a search engine’s ranking of its resources. If search engines consider your TLD “trusted”, like the .gov and .edu TLDs, the economic benefits would be huge. (We’ve a wiki page on the trusted city here.)

Trust of this sort arises from two factors: restricted entry and ongoing oversight. To buy a .nyc name one needs to prove city residence, so we’re +1 on the restricted access. Oversight is trickier. Both .gov and .edu have ongoing oversight: If you’ve a complaint about sites on either TLD, there’s a reasonable prospect of recourse. We’ve not heard of any city plans to provide such oversight, but the capacity exists and we’re hoping we missed a press release.

We’ll be looking for evidence of trust at the meeting and will report our findings here.


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  1. Art  June 25, 2015

    Tom, just saw the post. Thanks for mentioning it, was good to have you at the meeting. Noticed that you actually haven’t linked to our site in the blog post about souvenirs :), if you could actually put a link to the site that would be great .

    quick correction i mentioned , if you google home furniture it is # 3 on google . It is extremely competitive term to organically rank

    Few of my notes: Anyone planing to develop .nyc , make sure you not relying on .nyc for ranking along. It will help but strong marketing plan is way more important.

  2. Thomas Lowenhaupt  June 10, 2015

    I’ll add a bit more to this later, but here’s the short report on last night’s meeting.

    Detailed knowledge of Google’s SEO practices are the fundamental basis of the success of There’s a belief by the developer that the city TLD’s locality had a positive impact, but minor. and were presented as examples of the TLD’s influence.

    Here’s a link to the next meeting of Art’s .NYC Investors Meetup group:


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