Roads, bridges, tunnels, airports…these are traditional infrastructure. Here are some of the positive impacts the .nyc TLD will have on our city if it’s viewed as infrastructure and developed in the public interest.

1. More Livable Neighborhoods – We’ll have neighborhood websites run by neighbors with,,,,,,,, and 300 more dotNeighborhoods operated by local residents. The dotNeighborhood Trust (in formation) will help make these civic resources available and assure they operate to create a more livable city, and provide the basis for a prosperous one. See dotNeighborhoods.

2. Jobs Today – Most all domain name fees now flow out of the city. So when you buy a .com name for $10 from the likes of GoDaddy, they pocket $4 and pass $6 to Verisign, the .com TLD’s master. By empowering local sales channels we can keep millions of dollars in the city and create good sales jobs.

3. Jobs Tomorrow – Long term economic success means creating an infrastructure and atmosphere for economic growth. By creating a trusted .nyc in the world’s most livable city, we’ll create a place where the world’s brightest settle to connect with one another to turn resources into success.

4. A Strong Tourist Industry – Visitors to our city are increasingly being guided around the city by their cell phones. Our Programmers Paradise (see below) will create an information rich public space that will make it easy to locate our city’s resources.

5. Educated, Computer Savvy City – Our mission is to educate New Yorkers on how to use our digital infrastructure – that’s .nyc and the broader Net – for our personal, family, community, and business affairs. We expect .nyc to operate in the green providing revenue for our education campaign.

6. Programmers’ Paradise – Universal tagging will give a domain name to every,,,,,,,,,,, (see #14 below), and enabling programmers to pull in standardized resources and mash them into helpful applications. See The Internet of Things.

7. Lots of Good Domain Names – If we carefully issue domain names and avoid the free-for-all that created the .com mess – requiring a Google search to find just about anything – we’ll create a city where most traditional businesses and organizations can have domain names that match their real names. See our Domain Name Allocation Plan.

8. A Multilingual Global City – As we embrace and build upon our diversity and our position as the global center, and as we engage our multilingual populace to make our resources available the world over in a multitude of languages, we will prosper and contribute to a better world.

9. Findable Resources – Intuitive names, universal tagging (the Programmer’s Paradise), and localized search will make our ideas, services, and products more findable by residents and the world.

10. Self Governing City – With our own locally designed and maintained digital grid, we’ll reduce our  dependence on things like non-transparent search engines and create a more independent, self sufficient city.

11. Maps Everywhere – Virtually every .nyc page will refer to a physical location in the city. And virtually every page will have a map indicating its location and nearby resources.

12. Trusted & Prosperous City – As residents and organizations realize the common interest we share in a trusted and respected .nyc, they will join to monitor our newest infrastructure, generating local and global trust of the .nyc domain name – and our city will flourish.

14. Civicly Engaged City – The city’s civic network will enable residents to readily identify problems and connect to resolve them with the latest digital tools.

15. Dog Names – The .nyc TLD will prove itself when dog owners get their along with their dog license. Then New York City will have made obsolescent the adage “No one knows you’re a dog on the Internet.”

This page highlights key advantages of the .nyc TLD from our wiki. If you feel others belong here, let us know.