– .nyc domain names spotted in public areas –

giant cameraNew York City received the right to issue .nyc domain names in January 2014, and issued the first in October of that year. How long would it be before the first name was used in public areas has been an open question. More important, will they be used in significant numbers, and will that usage be a harbinger of a significant switch from .com, .net, and .org world to our native TLD?

This page was started in May 2016 to detail and discuss such sightings. We encourage residents and visitors to send pictures to [email protected] and we’ll post them here.

(Notes: There have been instances of public ads for .nyc name sales being placed by the city’s sales contractor. Those have not been included here. Commons Image, Giant Camera, provided courtesy of Wikipedia.)

Domain Name:

When: April 27, 2016

Where: New York City subway car (F train).