(Commons Photo courtesy of sporkwrapper.)Operating a dotNeighborhood domain name requires engagement, collaboration, design, and technical skills. Here we outline the range of services we can provide to assist these efforts. Some are provided by staff while others can be provided by associates we’ve worked closely with over the years.

Neighborhood Services

We offer assistance to New York City residents and organizations seeking to establish or enhance their dotNeighborhoods.

  • Application Preparation – For those starting out we provide neighborhood analysis and theme discernment: interviewing stakeholders and offering an assessment of the level of emphasis on tourism, business, and civic themes.
  • Business Model – With the selection of a viable business model critical, we can project name sales, advertising, and other possible revenue and recommend operating model.
  • Tech – Software and hosting services must match the business model. We facilitate access to a moderately priced WordPress host or custom CMS design.
  • Wiki – A neighborhood’s memory is best preserved using a collaborative wiki. We can assist with wiki installation and training residents in its use.
  • Training – We offer individual and group training services with CMS (Content Management System) operation, content identification, design, and development, forum moderation, API setup and usage, and wiki editing sessions.
  • Collaborations – We are exploring opportunities for trans neighborhood civic collaborations and business ventures, e.g., advertising sales.
  • Compliance – To demonstrate compliance with city content regulations we offer audits and reporting services.
  • Governance Alignment – With a not-for-profit operation a minimum qualification requirement, dotNeighborhood operators will find it helpful to organize public engagement processes that enable participation by all stakeholders.

Global Services

We draw upon our long engagement with ICANN and other global organizations (we are an ICANN At-Large Structure and hold U.N. special consultative status – we’re an NGO), to offer cities guidance with TLD acquisition and development decisions. Supporting that mission we offer the following services.

  • TLD-Cities Report – An annual subscription service on developments with city TLDs globally, a cities by the numbers report.
  • Sister City Collaborations – This is our newest service and involves identifying domain names that open opportunities for cultural and economic cooperation between cities.

Connecting.nyc Inc. is a New York State not-for-profit that sustains itself from, volunteer efforts, donations, and grants with many of our activities provided as a community service. We also perform contract work developing innovative services. Reach us using the contact information below.

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