Commons Photo courtesy of sporkwrapper. These Adding Internet Mojo To Neighborhoods pages aspire to guide those interested in adding a sophisticated Internet communications layer to improve the quality of life in traditional New York City neighborhoods.

They look to help neighborhood organizations and media activists add a digital platform that transforms traditional neighborhoods into,,,,,,,, etc.

These pages will help you prepare your neighborhood to effectively respond to the digital transformations changing all sectors of society, from education, health, and security, to transport, entertainment, work, trade, and business. They will take you through the city’s neighborhood domain name allocation processes, present content obligations and opportunities, technology options, business models, and oversight structures.

These Mojo pages provide examples of ways the Internet can enhance traditional civic relationships and create “dotNeighborhoods” that foster the flowering of traditional culture, civic experimentation, and economic innovation. Learn how a dotNeighborhood platform enables neighbors to connect, to decide, and organize to preserve the neighborhood’s cultural diversity, develop its unique resources, and create a more prosperous and livable neighborhood and city.

~ Our Mojo pages are in an early development stage with substantial additions to be made during Spring 2016. ~

The Mojo Pages: